Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine

Generally the mechanism of this Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine has been reselected with the latest technology to increase efficiency, run the machine Free-load, to consume less power and give heavy output. All parts of Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine free-load are designed to consume less power and give heavy output; also, all parts of Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine are interchangeable. The bore of this Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine is very closely reamed, double ball bearing are fitted in disc arm, at its connection with the disc, the main crank-shaft runs in heavy duty taper roller-bearing.

The Bed : in of heavy dimension provided with guide way for the vice, to clamp the work pice. One jaw of the vice is fixed while the other is adjusted according to the material diameter.

Saw Frame : is of rigid construction and runs in prismatic guide insuring a square and parallel cut. The cut takes place on draw stroke, and the blade is hydraulically lifted out of contact with forward stroke to prevent wear of the blade, and can cut all types of metal which are machinable of all strength.

Feed : Two levers are provided at the dash-pot. The small lever regulates the rate of feed, while the other big one enables the slide to start cutting or to be raised the slide automatically on cycle and hte motor switched off automatically.

Speed : A two speed drive macnaism are incorporated for the selection of the most suitable speed for the material being cut. Cooling the machine comes with a very reliable and efficient centrifugal pump, for quick cooling the blade. It comes with connection pipes from water tank to stay put on the work pice. The pump is driven by a intermediate drive.

Standard Accessories : All machines are supplied with centrifugal water pump, motor-pully, motor-plate, but without 'v' belts and electricals.

Extra Accessories : Angular vice simple, angular vice with graduation, electric-motor and starter, 'V' belts, blade. A direct on line push-button. Starter can be incorported which sets into motor an adjustable trip mechanism which stops the machine as soon as the blade is clear from work. The non-productive time is reduced to minimum.


Type Automatic Hacksaw Machine
Use Cutting Metal
Weight 100-200kg
Color Black
Voltage 110V
Automatic Grade Automatic
Driven Type Electric